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Saudi Arabia: Accession to Hague’s Apostille Convention

The Apostille Convention or the Hague Convention was introduced in 1961 to make the legalization process of foreign public documents easier. The adoption of the Hague Convention by a particular allows foreigners to get their apostilled and eradicates the long and complex process of legalization by replacing it with one for all apostille attestation process. The purpose of this treaty was to make the immigration process simpler and more time-friendly. 

Further, Any Member country that has signed this convention is considered as an Official Member of the Hague Convention 1961 and is free to accept apostilled documents as a part of visa processing if any foreigner wants to enter their boundaries for a long-term purpose.  

Thus on 7th Dec’2022, while re-framing the immigration rules and regulations in the country, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became An Official Member of the Convention Abolishing the Requirements of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents on 07th Dec’2022.  

At A Glance 

This Membership abolishes the long legalization process and thus applies apostille attestation of foreign public documents. 

The new process streamlines the recruitment and relocation process for employers and foreign nationals in Saudi Arabia reducing processing time and avoiding complicated legalization steps involved in Embassy and Consulates. However, a delay can be expected as the new process has been introduced recently in the country.

The Impact 

Process Streamlined: The new agenda streamlines the existing complicated legalization process and reduces the time around and cost involved in the process by avoiding additional attestations at consulates and embassies. 

Process Delayed: The Implementation of the new process can impact the delay of completing the Apostille process in regards to The Hague Convention treaty. An individual may expect a delay that may occur in Saudi Arabia while availing Apostille Attestation on personal and educational documents in the embassy or consulates. 

The New Procedure for Educational / Personal Documents 

Educational Documents: 

  • The educational certificate which was earlier mandated to be legalized at Saudi Embassy will now be further sufficient till apostille attestation. 
  • Only the Embassy Legalization of educational certificates has been replaced by Apostille Attestation. 
  • However, the existing State Authentication, MEA Attestation, and Saudi University Verification (SACA Verification) will take place as it is. 

Personal Documents 

  • Personal documents such as Birth / Marriage certificates will be abolished from the legalization requirements and will be considered Apostilled. 
  • The recently introduced process includes Local Notarization + SDM + MEA Apostille Attestation. 

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