Birth Certificate Apostille Procedure in India

The decision to move to another country is a complicated one and requires various steps to be completed. One of the most important steps is the verification of the documents including personal; work, education etc. For document verification, you can always seek guidance from experts in the industry.

Birth certificate is the first document that is issued to a person by the municipal corporation and is an extremely important document used to verify an individual’s existence in the country. If you want to get documents apostille in India, get in touch with our team today.

Understanding Apostille Attestation in India

The Apostille word comes from French and means certification. The purpose of the Apostille is such that documents issued in one country can be used in another country after being legally verified by authorities.

In simple words, Apostille attestation is a process to certify the authenticity of the documents. These documents need to be verified by the authorities of both the countries so as to make sure that the documents are legit. Birth Certificate Apostille Attestation will help in ensuring the birth certificate to be authentic in nature.

Things to know about apostille and attestation

Apostille and Attestation serve the same purpose with the only difference being in the list of Hague convention. Countries listed under Hague Convention require Apostille certification while other countries require attestation of the documents. As per Hague convention, Public document is defined as

  • Those originating in a court, clerk of a court, public prosecutor or process server.
  • Administrative documents
  • Notarial acts
  • Official certificates Apostille Birth Certificate

India, being a member of the Hague convention since 2005, has the provision of apostille. Once documents are apostilled in India, those documents will be considered legal in all member countries.

Documents that are most vital during the travel such as birth certificate, identification documents, academic or work related documents, passport, and visa are verified by the authorities to ensure that the information provided by the applicant is correct and eliminate the chances of any sort of forgery.

How to get an Apostille Birth Certificate India?

Getting apostille in India has become comparatively easier in the last few years due to the increase in the number of people moving to various countries for different purposes. Applicants can apply online on the portal , visit the apostille centres. In case of early requirement of the apostille, it is advised to take help from the apostille services provider company in India to fast track the process. If you are planning to have Documents Apostille in India, you need to choose the right service provider to Fast-track your document verification process.
Birth certificate attestation comes under the category of individual documents and is one of the most basic documents to be apostilled or attested for foreign travel. The purpose of the apostille is to confirm that the applicant is born in a particular nation, which gives information about the country of origin.
One important thing to know is that if the Birth Certificate apostille is completed and documents are stamped and examined, no further checks are required. Birth certificate attestation ensures the document of 100% accuracy and can come in use in any country, which is a part of the Hague nation.

The Need for Birth Certificate Apostille And Its Procedure

The documents needed for foreign travel include various documents as per the purpose of the visit, out of which birth certificate, identification documents are the most basic essentials. Birth certificate is the very first document that is issued to an individual and serves the purpose of informing their gender, date, time & place of birth.

One important thing to keep in mind while getting an Apostille on Birth Certificate is that traditional birth certificates did not have the child’s name in the document. If your birth certificate does not have our name, you have to get it reissued from the local Registrar Office.

Procedure for Birth Certificate Apostille in India:

Getting a birth certificate Apostille is a multi-step process and takes around 7-10 working days. The timeline of the documents Apostille in India may vary depending on the issued place of the certificate.

A copy of Identification proof such as driving license or passport along with the original and the original birth certificate is required.

After submitting the application to the nearest Apostille Attestation Service Provider agency in India , the document will move further for Apostille Attestation. The state officials will verify the birth certificate, which is further moved to MEA Attestation (Ministry of External Affairs) to get the Apostille done.

After the verification, the ministry stamps the document and the document becomes legal and valid to be used in any other country.

One important thing to know is that apostilles done through SDM attestation or state are valid for 6 months for most of the countries. Before getting the documents attestation in India, you need to verify the countries and their validity for accepting the apostille documents. To know more about the countries and validity of your apostille on birth certificate, you can contact Sublime attestation service provider.

If you are travelling to a destination, which comes under Hague nation, you need to get your Apostille Birth Certification done first. Do not wait anymore, contact Sublime Attestation and visa services, and get documents apostille in India at affordable prices.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, the birth certificate needs to be Apostilled if you are intending to a country which is member of Hague Convention,1961. It is the pre-requisite requirement while migrating to another country.

It takes around 1-2 business days in attaining a birth certificate apostille in India. The timeline for the Birth Certificate Apostille Attestation may increase up to 30 days under uncertainty and inaccessible locations.

Apostille is an authentication process, which is a mandatory document for travel to other countries. For countries under Hague Convention, related documents are apostilled so as to be used as a regular document outside the country as well. Once the documents are apostilled, these documents can be used in all countries covered under the Hague convention list.

The documents are notarized by the local notary and carry forward by the respective SDM / Home dept. Attestation before getting an Apostille Attestation in India. If you want to get your document apostilled in India, you should take help from Apostille Service providers and let them take the lead for correct and speedy verification of the documents.

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