Documents Legalization/ Certificate Attestation Services in India

How To Get Cost-Effective Document Legalization/ Attestation Services In India?

Legalizing documents by the appropriate official from the country of origin is apostille, ATTESTATION, or legalization from a particular embassy for which it is going to be used. With this, they may be recognized by the law of a foreign host country. Attestation of Certificate includes:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Degree Certificates
  • Commercial Documents.

We hire experienced professionals to help us with our services with the various government agencies. Thereby, this ensures:

  • Timely Service
  • Quality Control
  • Compliance

We are, therefore, able to stick to immigration compliance requirements. This also allows us to provide best-in-class services to clients in the largely chaotic world of global mobility.

Getting certificate attestation for immigration is a time-consuming process. Documents that do not fulfill immigration requirements may be rejected. This could also lead to detention.

Sublime Attestation & Visa Services Pvt. Ltd. facilitates access to these services even outside India through its channel partners worldwide. These are some of the most common documents that need legalization:

Commercial Documents

Commercial documents include:

  • Commercial Invoice & Origins
  • Packing list
  • Health Certificates
  • ISO Certificates
  • Free Sale & GMP Certificates
  • Power of Attorney/Affidavits
  • Board Resolutions and many more

Each of these must be attested by the relevant Chamber of Commerce and then the MEA. In addition, foreign missions may need to provide translations and legalizations, depending on the country of travel.

Educational Documents

You’ll need your educational certificates attestation if you want to study abroad or apply for a work visa. Several educational certificates must be verified and attested by the state-HRD Dept of the respective issuing state, followed by MEA Apostille/ Apostille. Depending on the country of travel, embassy legalization in India may be required to provide translation and legalization depending destination country.

Non-Educational Documents

All non-educational or personal documents must be attested or apostille by the State Home/Public/ Foreigner’s Department from the place of issuance. The MEA documents must be apostille or Attestation by the MEA.

Supporting affidavits may be necessary in some cases. Translation and document legalization from a foreign mission may be required depending on the country of travel.


What Is Certificate attestation, And Why Is It Required?

Every year, thousands of situations arise in which the authenticity of public documents must be verified. In addition, legalization plays an important role in various situations, from students transferring schools to corporate executives expanding internationally.

Authenticating and legalizing your documents is the foremost part of the process. Your public document needs to be correctly prepared before it can be legalized.

The documents must be legalized before the relevant foreign authorities may accept them. Take a look at the following reasons for legalization to gain a better understanding of its significance:


It is highly typical for people to relocate to a country that provides greater job possibilities and a higher standard of living in today’s world. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what documents need to be legalized ahead of time, as the documents are required to vary in each country.

The most common documents requested are the attestation of the birth legalized certificate, educational records, medical certificates, job permits, marriage certificates, etc. Be well-informed about the documentation required, as any mistake could result in the visa application being rejected.


Before leaving the country, students pursuing higher education in a foreign country must always get their educational documents legalized. Your certifications and biodata will not be the only documents you’ll require.

All educational certificates, such as Degree , Diploma, Transcripts, Grade cards , Transfer Certificates, Migration Certificate, Boanfide Certificate, must have attestation  from the nation of origin to the country to which you are traveling. If required, seek assistance to speed up the procedure, as gathering documentation and completing the attestation process might take longer if you are inexperienced.


When considering inter-country adoption (adopting a kid from another country), prospective parents are bringing not just a child into their lives but also a mountain of paperwork. Adoption documentation and adoption deed attestation in the home country is time-consuming and tiresome, but international adoption adds to the mound of paperwork.

The process necessitates the submission of documents getting approval from both the parents’ home country and the country from which they are adopting. The child’s immigration records and other related paperwork will need to be attested later, as failure to do so will result in serious consequences. It is preferable to do so for the sake of the child’s safety.


The attestation of your marriage certificate is required to ensure your spouse’s rights and identity and show proof of your connection on an international level. Because there are several steps to the procedure, it must be handled with caution to avoid any errors or catastrophes. In addition, the attestation facilitates the couple’s overseas venture.

Couples who are no longer together, on the other hand, must file a divorce certificate and have it attested before remarrying someone who lives in a foreign territory. These certified documents are also useful when applying for adoption in another country.


Business owners have found an easier approach to expanding their operations to audiences worldwide due to the advent of globalization. However, legalizing the relevant documentation is required when establishing a business or performing trade activities in another country. It’s a never-ending procedure because there isn’t just one or two documents involved.

To name a few documents, there are business registration, ISO Certificate, GMP Certificates, Free Sale Certificates, Financial Audit reports,  Certificate of origin & invoice, tax records, articles of association, and memorandum of association attestation and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that it be authenticated, translated, and legalized, even though it is time-consuming, for the smooth operation of the firm in the worldwide market.

There are many other reasons to have your documents legalized, much too many to list in this piece. However, legalizing the essential paperwork should always be at the top of the list, whether you are beginning a new business abroad, looking for study abroad and career prospects, or simply going abroad.

Keep in mind that each consulate and embassy operates differently and follows its own rules. It is a complex technique, so be patient and familiarize yourself with it ahead of time to avoid any extra delays or complications.

Step to get Certificate Attestation in India

1. Authentication from regional/local govt. bodies

The very first step to getting certificate attestation is to get it attested by the local govt. bodies. For an educational degree/diploma, one can approach their respective Human resource dept. (HRD) . However, the application related to the marriage/birth/death can be taken to the local home dept. for attestation. For attestation of Commercial documents such as Certificate of origin, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, health certificate, MOA, and AOA, the company may contact the respective chamber of commerce.

2. Attestation/ Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Once the required original documents are authenticated by the regional bodies, candidates need to submit the same to the MEA, New Delhi to get an apostille sticker or attestation stamping on it. Attesting your original documents from MEA certifies that the documents have been verified by the home country and are ready to use in the traveling country for any purposes.

3. Embassy Legalization from India for the destination country

Embassy legalization is required while one is traveling to a non-member country of the Hague Convention. For Instance, a country like Egypt, Vietnam, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar is not a member of the Hague Convention, 1962, and requires the legalization of original certificates to the candidates before landing within their boundaries. On another hand, the countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Poland, Greece, Hungary, etc. who are already a member of the Hague convention, 1962 doesn’t require any legalization from their embassy in the origin country. In such cases, authentication from local bodies and taking an apostille stamp on the original documents from the Ministry of External Affairs are sufficient to initiate their visa processing.

4. How You Can Get Legalization of Your Documents Quickly by Us?

An apostille or certificate attestation is a time-consuming and complex procedure. You’ll need an apostille or legalization on your original certificate. After obtaining the authentication from local authorities, the original document must be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for Apostille or MEA Attestation.

  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA, CPV Divison, New Delhi)

Before getting an apostille or MEA Attestation on original documents, it must have an ATTESTATION from State HRD / Home Dept/ SDM or respective chamber of commerce. Local authorities can be categorized as per the nature of the original document. We at SUBLIME ATTESTATION provide the most reliable and hassle-free services to meet your certificate ATTESTATION needs accurately.

You can rely on us to get quick and efficient certificate attestation services in Delhi – India.

With regards to the purpose of travel, your checklist of the documents required for ATTESTATION can be varied. The most common certificates that required attestation are listed below :

The documents we cater to include:

  • Degree Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Educational Transcripts
  • Transfer / Migration Certificates
  • Bonafide certificates
  • Adhar Copies
  • Domicile Certificates
  • Income Certificates
  • Bank statements and so on

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The attestation can only be done by authorized agencies of India. Therefore, being a registered and reliable source of attestation services you can consider Sublime Attestation & Visa Services Pvt. Ltd for Fast and Secure Attestation of Documents.

The attestation can only be done by authorized agencies and only in a few states of India. Therefore, you can consider Sublime Attestation & Visa Services Pvt. Ltd for Fast and Secure Attestation of Documents.

India’s leading credential authentication, attestation, and apostille consultants are Sublime ATTESTATION & Visa Services Pvt. Ltd. Highly qualified specialists run it to provide you with practical, quick, dependable, genuinely unrivaled services.

We provide full support for obtaining attestation from HRD, MEA, GAD, SDM, NOTARY, HOME MINISTRY, SECRETARIAT, FOREIGN MINISTRY, EMBASSY, CONSULATE, and all other connected departments. These certificates can be attested by various State and Central Government Departments in India and the Foreign Ministry, Embassies, or Consulates in India and overseas.

While we have teams segregated into specialized areas of service based on skill and experience, they work closely with each other to provide a full, in-depth, and professional answer to all of your attestation and apostille difficulties.

Our skilled and highly qualified employees are the driving force and the key to satisfying our customers’ high expectations for safe and reliable document attestation.

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