Guideline for Certificate Attestation for Qatar in India

Despite its just over two million population, Qatar has been named one of the world’s wealthiest countries because of its high GDP per capita. In addition, the country is a popular tourist destination because of the cultural, historical, and artificial splendor that it boasts. Doha, Qatar’s capital, welcomes tens of thousands of visitors annually.

Qatar’s certificate attestation rises from December to April, when the weather is pleasant for tourists. Here are some interesting facts about Qatar to whet your appetite for a trip there. 

The country’s primary seaport and international airport are located in Doha, Qatar’s capital city. People from all over the world have gathered here in quest of work. As a result, one can find educated and uneducated individuals working in the finance and infrastructure sectors.

What is a Bonafide letter/Certificate?

The attestation issued by the Embassy of State of Qatar has undergone specific revisions. Previously, the Embassy required a valid Bonafide letter from the concern college or university in a prescribed format; however, with reference to the latest announcement made on 02/07/22 by Qatar Embassy, New Delhi, the Bonafide letter is Neither Mandatory NOR Accepted anymore for attestation. It’s commendable that someone is taking steps to prevent job seekers from obtaining fictitious documents. However, validating whether or not a claim is valid has gotten more challenging for the general public. 

The Certificate Attestation Services, you may have your documents authenticated from anywhere in the world. 


Generally, there exist two different processes for legalization:

➢        Embassy Attestation

➢        Apostille Authentication 

If the intended country is a signatory to the Hague Convention, then the Authentication of Apostilles procedure must be followed. As long as we adhere to the Hague Convention’s requirements, we must use MEA Attestation

Since the Qatar is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, it becomes compulsory to get Qatar Embassy Attestation on Documents from origin country before they can be used in the country. Unfortunately, the attestation method for each certificate is different. In addition, it varies from certificate to certificate and country to country, so it’s essential to know which government granted the certificate.

The original certificate, Final year/consolidated Mark sheet, a copy of the passport are required to apply for educational certificates attestation in Qatar. It is because Qatar involves the certification of academic credentials from the nation where they were issued.

Qatar The host country’s MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) must authenticate the attestation process before it may be completed (Qatar). Depending on the rules in each country, the attestation process and the time it takes can change.

Applicants who want the Embassy to verify their academic credentials should include a copy of their degree/diploma and transcripts from their colleges or universities.

While going for Certificate attestation for Qatar, One must keep following points in mind to attain a smooth and hassle free process:

1. It is mandatory to get the Original Degree pre-authenticated by the respective state HRD first. However the concern final/consolidated mark sheet can be process on alternate SDM basis as well.

2. Qatar Embassy accepts both the degree and mark sheet together for Attestation. No Separate documents are accepted for attestation.

3. Make sure that the Certificates seeking attestation are issued from a UGC/ AICTE/ NAAC accredited institution only.

4. Mode of Study of the concern should be “REGULAR” only. No other mode like distance /Open / correspondence are considered in the Embassy of the state of Qatar for attestation.

5. A copy of the Original documents and passport should be attached with the Original documents to proceed with the attestation. 

How to Ensure Smooth Processing of Certificate Attestation for Qatar in India


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