How to Get a Degree Certificate Attestation for Kuwait?

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In India, many people travel for academic, work, or business purposes in Kuwait. When traveling abroad, an individual must be able to prove their authenticity and lawfulness by obtaining an attestation of their documents. The attestation allows an individual to travel without any hurdles to other countries.

Several attestation procedures must be completed before the certificates can be accepted by the relevant country. Among them are HRD attestations, MEA attestations, and Embassy Attestations (for commercial documents, Chambers of Commerce attestations).

It takes a lot of time and effort to obtain a Certificate of Attestation for any trip. Our exerts can provide you with the most hassle-free and reliable Attestation services in Delhi, helping you to overcome the paperwork and lengthy procedures.

With our experienced agents, you can obtain 100% Genuine, Reliable and Fast certificate ATTESTATION services at your doorstep as they provide a pick-up and drop-off service from your home or office. We provide attestation services in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore in India.

Attestation by Kuwait serves the following purposes:

1. Educational certificates:

  • It is necessary to obtain work visas/labor cards for a significant portion of the position.
  • In Kuwait, to pursue a higher education.
  • To prepare medical, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory, and technical examinations for MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Department of Health).
  • In order to migrate.

2. Non-educational certificates or documents of vital importance:

  • Obtain a home visa for a spouse, child, or in-law.
  • In order to gain admission.
  • Job-related purposes.

3. Commercial purpose documents:

  • In order to be able to sell properties in the home country.
  • An LLC association can be dissolved if the partner in the home country does not wish for the company to grow.
  • In order to open a bank account.
  • In order to register a company.

Attestation Of Kuwait Documents And Certificates In India

Your Academic Certificates and Non-Academic Certificates as well as Commercial Documents must undergo authentication.

In order to travel abroad, it is essential to get the documents authenticated by these departments or institutions. Kuwait Attestation Procedure in India requires that documents be authenticated first by a Notary, then by a State or Department, then by the Ministry of External Affairs, and finally by the Embassy of the Kuwait you intend to visit.

Here Is How It Works:

  • Attestation by a notary
  • The Chamber of Commerce, Human Resources Department, Home Department or Department of General Administration
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Attestation by the Embassy

An overview of Kuwait certificate attestation procedures

Documents can be classified into three categories: educational, non-educational, and commercial. Kuwait Embassy Attestation in India is able to certify these 3 types of Indian documents. Below is the procedure for the Kuwait Embassy attesting these documents. In India, attestation by various authorized authorities is mandatory before the final certificate attestation. 

Attestation of Kuwait educational certificates

The first step is to have the documents attested by the State Level Attestation Department

1. After that, the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) will certify the documents

2. As a final step, Kuwait Embassy will certify the certificate in New Delhi, India

3. In the first instance, the Home Department will attestation the documents state-by-state

4. As soon as the certificate attestation is complete, the Ministry of External Affairs will do so

Last but not least, the Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi will attestation the certificate.

Kuwait Attestation of Non-Educational Certificates

The first step is to have the documents attested by the State Level Attestation Department

1. Documents will then be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs

2. As a final step, Kuwait Embassy will certify the certificate in New Delhi, India

3. A certificate attestation will be done by the Mumbai Mantralaya (Home Department) first

4. Kuwait’s certificate attestation will be completed by the Ministry of External Affairs

5. At last, the Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi will attest the document

Kuwait Attestation of Commercial Certificates

Attestation of certificates (documents) is done by Chambers of Commerce.

1. Kuwait’s certificate attestation will be done by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

2. The Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi, India will attestation the certificate once the above procedure is completed.

The time required depends on the type of document, the country in which you’re traveling, and the origin of the document. The process normally takes 5-7 working days, but it can sometimes take up to a month. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Delhi and other cities in India are all covered by our certificate attestation services. We provide attestation services, apostille services, and visa related SERVICES. For attesting your Kuwait or other certificate, please contact us on the number below.

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