What is Apostille – The Only Guide You Need to Read


Apostilles are legal or legalized certifications of documents issued by authorities in a country. In the country to which a document has been apostilled, its validity and legality are verified. In each country, an Apostille is required. It is known as The Hague Nation Convention that countries accept Apostilles as proof of legality.


Documents requiring an apostille will be recognized in other foreign countries if they have been signed by a Notary of the original country. As a result, one can keep on doing what they are doing in their trade, work, and personal lives without encountering any legal difficulties.

According to the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention, documents requiring apostilles are sent from country to country. An apostille from one country would suffice for the remaining 115 countries without the need for another apostille.

An apostille marks the authenticity of a certificate with a stamp or sticker. In order for the concerned authorities to be able to check everything with no hassle, everything is digitalized. Along with the notary documents, it is transferred once it has been authorized and verified.


In the following situations, an Apostille will be needed:

  • There is an Apostille Convention agreement between the country of issuance and the country of adoption; and
  • It is a party to the Apostille Convention in the country where the document will be used; and
  • As a public document, the document is considered public by the law of the country where it was issued;
  • For a document to be recognized as a foreign public document, it needs to be Apostilled.

The country in which the public document is to be used may not require an Apostille Attestation if its laws, regulations, or practices eliminate or simplify such requirements, or if they exclude legalization from the requirement.

Procedures for obtaining an Apostille in India

During the last couple of decades, the central government has decentralized the apostille procedure in India. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the central organization that apostille documents. Regionalization of the apostille process has been introduced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) starting January 1st, 2019 in 15 cities. A number of cities in India, as well as other countries, are covered by the service. These cities include Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, New Delhi, and more.

An apostille sticker is first applied by the local notary, then by the state authentication, and finally by the Ministry of External Affairs MEA Attestation. There are different types of documents that require different procedures. Personal, educational, and commercial legal documents are the three main types. 


An Apostille Stamp is required for the following documents

It is only necessary to obtain an apostille for public documents. Among these are:

  • Certificate of birth
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Certificate of death
  • Attorneys-in-fact
  • Diplomas from universities (or any other academic institution)
  • The registration of businesses

Apostille Stamp: How Do I Get One?

To obtain an Apostille Stamp, follow these steps:

1. You should make copies of the original documents that you present to the public. The original document may be required to apply for a visa (which you will receive back) but don’t submit the original unless you are instructed to do so.

2. Don’t forget to notarize your documents. To get an Apostille stamp, you must have a copy of the original document certified by a notary public.

3. The appropriate office should receive your documents. Apostilles can be issued by certain offices in your country. Send your documents to that office if you know which office is authorized to do so.

4. The service must be paid for. The authorized office requires a fee for getting an Apostille Stamp.

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